Managing Macs at Scale


Signing Configuration Profiles

Apple has made it clear; MDM is the future.

As the preferred method of device management moves more and more to Configuration Profiles, administrators must turn their focus toward digital security.

Signing configuration profiles provides assurance of their origin, and an assertion their contents have not been modified in transit.

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Express Setup, Location Services, Time Zone, and High Sierra

I recently ran into a snag with our Device Enrollment Program (DEP) workflow. Users were not being prompted to enable Location Services to automatically set the time zone, nor was the explicit Time Zone selection screen displayed during Setup Assistant.

The result was that devices wound up configured with the default Cupertino, CA location, and a Pacific time zone. We’re on the East coast – so we’d have to script a change of settings, or worse, have the user manually modify them.

As it turns out, this is an effect of the new “Express Setup” option in macOS High Sierra.

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Wait, is my Mac Up to Date?

So you’ve trained your users to use Jamf Pro’s Self Service to install third-party software, but how can we encourage users to self-manage macOS operating system updates?

Let’s create a user-centric, Self Service workflow for checking the status of available software updates.

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Off Root

Some quick notes on yesterday’s root privilege escalation vulnerability. Apple Released a Fix Security Update 2017-001 was released around 8am PST on November 29, 2017. This update resolves the issue leading to the privilege escalation. Installing the update recompiles and reinstalls opendirectoryd. The update does not require a reboot. The update also disables root again. While waiting on this fix, the smart move was to enable root and configure a strong password on the account.

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