Personal Notes for Autumn 2021

by Matthew Warren

I haven't posted in the last six months because I've been pretty busy. I have three pieces of personal news to share about what I've been up to.

  1. My wife and I welcomed our daughter to the world. Becoming her father is the biggest privilege of my life, and she teaches me daily how to be a better person.

    She is also – objectively – the best baby ever.

  2. I started a new role at Lyft. My primary focus is managing our global fleet of Apple devices, and helping build the world's best transportation. I'm really enjoying the new challenges, and I'm fortunate to be part of an awesome team.

    This will obviate some references in older articles where I discussed technical implementations at my previous employer. My goal in future articles is to write more "evergreen" pieces that are more broadly applicable.

  3. I redesigned this site. My goals were to increase the focus on the articles and improve legibility on mobile devices. The site also supports both "light" and "dark" color palettes that adapt to your system-wide preference. For boring reasons, I changed the static site software I use from Hugo to Zola. I hope you enjoy the new look.

More to follow soon!

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